8 Year Manufacturer's Limited Warranty

GTR Turf offers a 8-year manufacturer’s artificial turf warranty. This artificial grass warranty is more clearly outlined when customers are ready to purchase synthetic turf. As experienced synthetic turf installers, we provide reassurance from the artificial grass sale to installation and ongoing customer service.

Each artificial grass manufacturer offers its own warranty. Usually the manufacturer warrants its artificial grass against abnormal wear and ultraviolet degradation for a period of up to 8 years. No additional modifications or warranties can be affected by agents, employees or distributors of the manufacturer. The manufacturer defines the specific terms of the warranty with no exceptions, other than those the manufacturer decides to extend in certain situations.

The warranty does not apply if the products are used for any application other than those recommended by the manufacturer. It is important to purchase the right type of synthetic grass for the specific application it is being used for. Warranty does not cover damage incurred during the installation process of a DIY installation.

The warranty also does not cover repairs made by any other party. It does not apply if the defect is caused by abuse, accident, negligence, cuts, burns and/or vandalism. Warranties do not cover normal wear and tear, failure of the sub-base, improper design, abrasion or wear caused by incorrect installation or an incorrect sub-base, the use of fill-in products of an incorrect level or grade, use of improper cleaning methods, use of inappropriate sports equipment or footwear and use of incorrect pesticides, chemicals or herbicides.

The warranty on artificial grass excludes soil erosion and water. Ask GTR Turf to explain the terms of the manufacturer’s specific warranty before making a final decision. A warranty offers protection to consumers when certain problems or issues arise but there are exclusions that should be noted by the buyers.

Before making repairs of using any products on artificial grass, customers should contact GTR Turf to ensure they are making decisions in accordance with their type of turf and the conditions of the manufacturer’s warranty. Avoid making independent decisions that could have an impact on the current warranty on your artificial grass.