Truhop 50

1.75” pile-height offers an optimal surface for baseball outfields

Truhop 46

1.65″ pile-height and is perfect for baseball infields, foul lines, warning tracks and base paths

TruHop’s revolutionary design mirrors the real thing in terms of playability and performance yet provides durability that natural grass just can’t rival. The system can be engineered with various pile heights and infill ratios to fit each performance area of the field, including the infield, outfield, warning track, base path and foul lines.

Product Features

  • Sand/rubber infill creates a fast, dense, firm surface
  • Combination of monofilament fiber and Tapeslide XP slit film fiber provide the best of both worlds.
  • Reduced infill flyout and migration
  • Three layer backing provides superior dimensional stability and tuft bind
  • better ball roll, durability and aesthetics

Designed specifically for baseball performance 

Shaw Sports Turf set out to engineer the ultimate baseball field. With feedback from Hall of Famer John Smoltz, TruHop was created.

TruHop is similar to a five-tool player in baseball. A five-tool player is one who can field, throw, run, hit for average, and hit for power. In synthetic turf, a five-tool system is one that has the following:

grasslike surface with a natural, true bounce for consistent playability

no closing fields or game cancellations for inclement weather

up to four times more play than natural grass on a surface proven to deliver time after time

no water, pesticides, fertilizers or mowing needed

nonabrasive, grasslike surface is player-friendly