Byron Biggs

Fonction: Founder, CEO

Telephone: 1- (877) 456-8873

Ext.: 225

​​​​Fonction: Partner, VP Sales

Telephone: 1- (877) 456-8873

Ext.: 223

At GTR TURF, we have a very clear vision to innovate in order to provide athletes high-level synthetic turf sport facilities to greatly improve their playing experience.
We align our vision with our mission of being the best synthetic turf company that sets the standard of excellence in our industry.

Our employees are a strategic asset, who contribute, with their work and talent, to sustainable value creation. This is why I am very proud to introduce our management team responsible for positioning the company as a world leader in the synthetic grass industry.

GTR Turf employees are its most valuable asset and are primarily responsible for business growth.
Our employees are aware that each one of their actions has a direct impact on the performance level of athletes. Consequently, each of us plays a very important role in order to exercise corporate responsibility for GTR Turf..

Fonction: Dir. Maintenance Dept.

Telephone: 1- (877) 456-8873

Ext.: 230

Jean-Claude Chapdelaine

Jacques Zara

Fonction:VP, USA Operations

Telephone: 1- (540) 373-8873

Fonction: VP Marketing

Telephone: 1- (877) 456-8873

Ext.: 226

Behind a great company, there is a greater team.

Daniel Labelle

Fonction: VP Finances

Telephone: 1- (877) 456-8873

Ben Laverdure

Luc Rochon