Our strategic alliance with the best in the industry.

Mr. Warren Buffets property. Shaw Industries is the world's largest carpet manufacturer and the leading floor coating provider in North America, with annual sales of over 4 billion USD and 25 000 employees worldwide, having the best performance without major injuries.

Through significant assets, investments, key acquisitions and strategic alliances, Shaw Sports Turf has secured a place in the top 3 of synthetic turf manufacturers in the world.

Their innovative solutions of very high quality, respond and adapt to the specific needs of each customer. GTR Turf, leader in the synthetic turf industry as certified FIFA and IRB professional installer of sports fields, has concluded a strategic alliance with Shaw Sports Turf, thus becoming the exclusive distributor in Canada.


We are experts in every aspect of our industry. We have completed above 500 sports fields globally, and over 5000 residential projects across Canada and the US,  which implies we have gone over each conceivable shape and size you can envision. We have learnt how to solve any issues a project may have but more imperatively we have learnt how to anticipate and stay away from any future issues so that your artificial grass installation will be looking great for a considerable length of time


We are perfectionists and professionals. We believe that there is perfection or there is nothing and this can be observed from our warehousing to our products to our clean and tidy uniforms at GTR Turf™. The one and only one reason why it is implanted in our company’s is; so that our customers are 110% happy and satisfied when they step back and look at their completed project. If it’s not perfect, then it’s not finished.


Our grass is the most realistic worldwide; it is produced to the highest global standards and is guaranteed to be safe.

Shaw Sports Turf  has been conceiving artificial turf for years and recently, some extraordinary advancements to upgrade their grasses have been put in place by their award winning  R&D team.


We need to ensure that our customers have genuine feelings of serenity and feel good knowing that they are buying a safe product.

There are no leads, no heavy metals as well as no harmful chemicals in our products. All of our products are safe for the athletes, for children and pets.


Our artificial grass has superb UV Stability. As we are aware the sun can be exceptionally harming, particularly in the US south-east states, the middle-south and the west-coast.

Every one of our items has had a UV safeguard and can withstand the intense beams of the sun.


The best way to install artificial grass is with the GTR Turf™ installation system.

To ensure your artificial grass will still be in a good state years after, we go the extra mile with our unique installation method.


Finally and likely above all, we care, we mind a great deal.
We care about you, your family, your wellbeing, your joy and your valuable time.
In this way, we wish to make your entire  journey with our synthetic turf as smooth and pleasant as it could be.
Sit back, relax and in the blink of an eye you’ll be able to feel the best synthetic turf system from GTR Turf™ under your feet.

Why should we install your next synthetic turf sports field