The power of giving back...

As a provider of high quality synthetic turf, GTR Turf makes a difference in the communities in which it operates. We achieve our impact through the value we create for our customers, and their positive impact on society. Our employees are dedicated to developing and providing services that benefit numerous communities.

But as a responsible Company, GTR Turf wants to do more for the communities in which it is active. We support community initiatives that are in alignment with our business strategy, have a high degree of local impact, or create personal engagement from our employees.

Our community support comes in different forms. Whether it is time, money, products or expertise, GTR Turf matches its resources to create real impact together with its employees. We look critically at our community involvement, measure our contributions, and distinguish between charitable donations and community investments.

Community Involvement Requests

If you think your proposal fits the above, please fill in the form with an explanation as to why you think your proposal aligns to our business goals. We will do our best to respond to you within a week


The information below can be helpful if you have a project that you would like to share for consideration. We believe that our community contributions should align with our corporate identity and business objectives so that we can critically assess proposals. Community sponsoring efforts should therefore:

  • Be oriented towards maximizing our social impact (‘people’)
  • Relate to our expertise, as expressed in our mission
  • Take into consideration our business goals
  • Be in line with our corporate values