Our working philosophy is that, before, during and after installation, we offer a technical support to provide peace of mind to the customer. For GTR Turf, it is very important that the customer receives an answer to each of his questions. We are experts on the subject and we are available to help you throughout the installation cycle of your field.

GTR Turf offers 8-year warranty on installation and synthetic turf carpet. During this 8 years, we are frequently in contact with our customers to make extensive evaluations at every 12 months of use. Our policy of after sales service is to be available for our customers and help him to maintain his sports field in the best possible condition.

While ensuring quality work and without defects, GTR Turf offers in addition to its installation service and technical support, the maintenance service of the synthetic turf. It is essential to do frequent monitoring and correct deficiencies that may arise with time and use of your field. For this reason, GTR Turf offers you the necessary professional equipment as well as the training of your personnel to properly maintain your synthetic turf in perfect condition.

After Sales Service

During the past 15 years, GTR Turf has developed and perfected its synthetic turf installation system. We brought various technologies that allow us to improve the quality of the facilities and the time required to complete the tasks. We succeeded to install a soccer field in just 3 days. However, the normal installation time varies between 15 and 20 days.


Our customer service phylosophy


Technical Support