PowerBlade Elite® is made with our advanced HP+ monofilament fiber and is the next generation in engineered performance. Designed around performance criteria that measures both athlete-surface and ball-surface interactions delivering a quality turf system with the best combination of durability, playability and safety. PowerBlade Elite is an engineered system specifically built to meet the stringent laboratory and field tests of FIFA. The FIFA Quality Concept ensures that your Shaw Sports Turf field delivers the maximum level of performance and quality to your athletes.

The PowerBlade Elite system is available in six different configurations that can qualify for FIFA certifications, each with its own distinct benefits, pile heights, infill types and shock pad systems. System recommendations vary by sport, usage and performance characteristics. Ask your sales representative to determine which system is best for your program.

Powerblade Elite 45

1.75” (45 mm) pile-height, 42-ounce pile weight and is comprised of a shock pad underlayment and either a sand/rubber layered infill or sand / TPE layered infill

Powerblade Elite 2.5

2.5” (64mm) pile-height and is available in a 40-ounce or 48-ounce pile weight with a sand / rubber layered infill. Also available with a shock pad underlayment specifically designed for the demands of rugby