Thanks to this system, we guarantee the precision and durability of each and every synthetic turf field installation. We are leaders in our field and understand athletes' needs; each step of our work is managed with ease… and we turn every field into a success story.


With state-of-the-art equipment and employee expertise, GTR Turf can complete an entire field installation in only 15 days, without compromising the quality or precision of our work. Our competitors usually take more than 30 days to complete the same task..

The most important for GTR Turf is to achieve accurate and sustainable fields. To achieve this, we start with a detailed analysis of all the material and all the machinery that we will use. We reviews all the final specifications and we carry out tests to ensure that we meet all specifications.

GTR Turf makes a complete analysis of the base and the work does not start if there is a flaw on it. Once the base is approved, we can initiate the installation.


We offer a comprehensive one-year guarantee on all GTR Turf field installations, and maintenance and guarantee extension programs are also available. Precision and attention to detail are always a top priority for our installers.


and Finishing

We use the latest John Deer Pro Gators as sand and rubber “spreaders”.

We use Hot Melt machinery for glue application and finish with Sheep Shears to “close shave” the fibres.

GTR Turf uses state-of-the-art equipment to ensure that all installations are undertaken with the highest industry standards. Our professional, on-site team arrives with top-notch equipment and invaluable know-how to quickly and ever so efficiently deliver your product.


and Inspection


and Numbers

One of our key differentiators is that GTR Turf does not use glue to assemble the synthetic turf. We will sew each piece of the turf, and this for all the field. In this way, we will reduce the risk of imperfections and take-off of the carpet in case of heavy rain, in case of harsh winters, in case of heavy use or simply in case of use through the years.

Once all the pieces of carpet have been sewn and examined, we proceed to take measures to ensure the accuracy of the installation of the lines. We use sewing machines of high level of precision and an innovative process that enables us to ensure optimal quality.


and Installation


Our Laymor Street Sweeper brushes fibres and helps penetrate the material between fibres.

Once all the field has been sewn and that all the lines, the lettering and the numbers have been put in place, we proceed to the filling with Silica sand and rubber granules or all other filling such as Geofill, a 100% ecological infill.

We use very specific recipes for the quantity of each product to ensure a safe and efficient field.We cannot afford to put a pound more or a pound less. With the latest technology and the rigorous processes, we will spread the infill products evenly all over the field. This way, we will ensure that our field are of the greatest quality at the time of delivery.

We also use forklifts, rollers and air compressors, and use high-tech sewing machines.

In order for sportsmen and women to benefit from a flawless surface that enhances their sports experience year after year, it's crucial that each installation step is thorough and no details are left to chance.

This step of the installation is a real craft games. At this stage, we proceed to the installation of all the lines of the field. To obtain a detailed precision, we will shave the green turf to then paste the proper color line.

This step is the one that takes the most time and the one that requires more precision and concentration. After installing the field lines, we will install the middle logo and if that is the case, the letter of the touchdown areas. Every line, every letter, every number, every logo is pasted manually one by one, in order to ensure a better quality and a fine precision.

Equipment for Synthetic Turf Installation


Installation Methodology