Product Features

  • Uniform and smooth surface for consistent play
  • Less ball deviation for truer, unparalleled ball roll and speed
  • Maximum stick mobility
  • Optimum drainage allows for ideal hydrophilic play
  • Can be installed over a shock absorption pad or e-layer

HockeyTurf PE

is a more economical, polyethylene construction

HockeyTurf NY

is a durable, more traditional nylon construction

Fast, true and consistent, Shaw’s HockeyTurf provides superior play for the game of field hockey. HockeyTurf is engineered to meet FIH requirements where player-to-pitch and ball-to-pitch surface interactions are critical. With HockeyTurf, players are able to control the ball more easily and can focus on playing a faster, more exciting game with slower ball speeds and increased accuracy regardless of weather conditions. Best of all, the fiber construction and engineered backing matrix create a controlled drainage system for maximum wet-play performance.