A GTR Turf synthetic turf expert will visually inspect the surface of the field to verify the depth of the filling and the flatness of the surface.

A detailed report will be provided, identifying the status of the following components:

  • The seams
  • The numbers
  • The logos
  • The lines
  • The Lettering
  • Field Areas
  • Fixing of the perimeter

GTR Turf provides quick guaranteed repair service to all types of fields, regardless of the original installer. We also offer a new installation maintenance program to ensure field durability. All repairs follow the GTR process.


The Inspection

Planned visits ensure a more efficient and cost-effective service. It is necessary to make a first thorough inspection as soon as the snow melts. We recommend your first maintenance in late April, early May. Thereafter, a monthly maintenance during the busy season is necessary between the months of June to October.

If after the inspection we find that your playing surface needs repairs, it is crucial that any minor damage is repaired before doing the first maintenance as a small unresolved problem may require a major repair afterwards.

In the event of vandalism or unusual use, damage may be present on the playing surface. All seams shall be inspected and any loose areas shall be repaired. We will check each panel and note any creases and / or tears. We will evaluate the condition of the underlayer and the surface. In the case of older and / or worn out field, an inspection should be done in the fall.

Limit your maintenance personnel to minor repairs. For more serious problems, consult your GTR Turf specialist for a detailed quote of the repairs to be made.

Proactively inspect your field before is too late.


  • Adding infill material to reduce g-max
  • Repair trip hazard
  • Repair inlaid line
  • Repair field indentations
  • Add glue where it was applied
  • Cut and replace original lines that weren't straight or were incorrectly cut
  • Repair of over used areas on a sports field (goal areas, penalty marks etc.)
  • Sew faulty seams that could destabilize the carpet
  • Assemble a landscaping team to adequately fill the base before installing the synthetic turf carpet
  • Establish a new installation maintenance program to guarantee field durability
  • Repair acts of vandalism & paint stains
  • Replace old turf
  • And so much more…

No job is too small or too big for GTR. For an independent objective, expert opinion, give us a call today! Let our years of experience work for YOU!