You have made a considerable investment and for the long term. Do you take care of it?

The services of the monthly maintenance program are carried out by a synthetic grass professional  from GTR Turf. The various tasks are meticulously carried out with care and precision.Here are the steps to be carried out by our technician, during each monthly maintenance:

For Maintenance inquiries, please contact:

  • USA: Ben Laverdure: (571) 490-4769

  • Canada: Jacques Zara: (450) 820-5888

  • Quebec: Daniel Labelle: (514) 378-9952


Clean the playing surface to remove debris, remove broken fibers and various contaminants. Using a magnetic machine, we will remove ferrous materials and recover the waste and equipment parts of the athletes.


Optionally, application of an antimicrobial, allowing a longer life of the protective layer and to protect against infectious bacteria, molds and microbes.

Final grooming brushing. This gives a new and professional appearance to the playing surface and gives years of life to your field to maximize your long-term investment.

An inspection is required in the spring

Your synthetic grass sports field is a key part of your sport program, recreation program or physical education program. Solid reason to ensure that you
Offer the best playing surface to your athletes.

Our professional maintenance plan allows you to keep the full potential of your playing surface at all times and will significantly increase the life and performance of your pitch.



Monthly maintenance program for synthetic turf sports fields.

How much did you pay for your synthetic turf sports field?

Brushing the synthetic grass to level the playing surface, redistributing the filling material and straightening the turf's fibers.

6 annual maintenances are recommended to optimize the life of your playing field.

Comprehensive decomposition of the filling to allow for better drainage, better balloon bouncing, better G-Max, and better level of safe surface play.