Other Commercial Usage

Retail Shops

Airports, daycares, roof tops, golf greens, playgrounds, indoor decorations, etc. 

GTR Turf™ has different types of synthetic turf that can be cut to any desired shape and easily installed on your stand thus making it ideal for use in trade shows and exhibition stands.

If you want to create a natural green look inside your store GTR Turf™ is the best. No wreckage, simply delightful green grass for your clients.

Whether for indoor or outdoor use, the logos made with synthetic grass are an attraction for any customer. It beautifies the entrance of your organization and gives a very striking professional look.

Why not renovate your office with some synthetic  turf from GTR Turf™. You will instantly feel closer to nature and your employees will appreciate it.

Real Estate 

When building amenities and infrastructures for their communities, municipalities and local authorities often face a quandary. Creating green and attractive spaces for their residents is essential on one hand and on the other hand, municipality funds should be spend wisely. 

Vast territories of grass are exceptionally costly and tedious carter for. GTR Turf™ artificial grass is the solution as it is simple and less costly to maintain and looks awesome throughout the entire year.

In America hundreds of thousands of gallons of water are squandered watering grass that no one walks on but yet we have a genuine water problem. Daily water consumption could be significantly reduced with the use of artificial grass.

Company Logos

Municipalities and Local Authorities

Exhibition Displays

The maintenance expenses of green areas in any development, be it residential, commercial or hospitality can be extremely costly; expenditures which any developer or hotel manager would like to avoid. 

Associating the natural look of our artificial grass with the significant cost saving for the developer makes of GTR Turf™ the answer.

GTR Turf™ can also help in obtaining significant LEED points for your new commercial or residential development.

Working Spaces 

Artificial Turf for Businesses